Shane Lopez on “Hope & Effectiveness”

Growing up in southern Louisiana with its oil fields, sugar cane and Tabasco plants, Shane Lopez didn’t see a lot of exciting career options. But he did have a hopeful person in his life, his older college-bound brother, Harry. Lopez followed his brother’s lead and went on to become a Gallup senior scientist and a leading authority on the psychology of hope.

Here are excerpts from his new book, “Making Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others” (Atria Books):

“…We found out on the work side that hope is equal to about a day’s worth of productivity. So we meta-analyzed 50 studies looking at all types of productivity around the world, whether it’s selling things you make or making widgets or mortgage brokers closing loans. Folks are 14 percent more productive if they’re hopeful. That has huge implications for folks in the workplace, whether it’s a boss trying to raise productivity or a worker trying to meet their own goals. …From the meta-analysis (for students), we found that hope was worth a letter grade, essentially, so high-hope people make about a grade higher than low-hope people of equal intellect.  Read On…

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