Promising Practices Application and Guidelines

If your school or district has developed and successfully implemented a character education practice, we encourage you to apply for a Wisconsin Promising Practices award. WCEP awards scholarships to recipients of Promising Practice Awards for training in character education. Recipients will also be recognized at the Annual Character Conference.

WCEP sponsors a state level Promising Practices awards to schools and districts in Wisconsin for implementing a practice that promotes character development in their schools. The practice should also exemplify one or more of the Character Education Partnership’s Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education (see the Eleven Principles).

Remember, WCEP is not looking for a description of your entire character education initiative, but rather an ongoing specific practice or aspect of your program that other schools may learn from and even replicate. The activity/program should have been in place for at least one full school year so the impact of the activity/program can assessed. Applicants are encouraged to read samples of past Promising Practices on WCEP’s website, You may also wish to review nationally recognized past Promising Practices on

If you need assistance, please contact Pam Woodard 414‐963‐1423, or email [email protected].

Please note: If you wish to be considered for a National Promising Practice Award by you must apply to them via their website You will find their application and information. The application is essentially the same, however, to be considered for both state and national, you must apply to each one separately, (the questions and information you supply are the same).

View Full Application Guidelines

To apply, please answer the following questions and submit as your application to WCEP . Please comply with the limit on number of words permitted for each response. If you wish to submit for more than one Promising Practice, please complete a separate application for each practice.

  • Complete and submit the online application form below or download the 2023 Promising Practices Application and email it to [email protected]
  • Practice Name – Enter the official name of the practice as you would like it to appear on WCEP materials.
  • Principle – Select one of’s Eleven Principles that your practice best represents.
  • Date of implementation – Select the year you began this practice, should have been in place for at least one full school year.
  • Responses to three narrative questions – These responses will be used to evaluate your application.
  • For WCEP, send one digital photo. If your practice is selected we will use it in our awards ceremony.

Submit the above to WCEP by March 1, 2023 either online here, or send via email to [email protected]. For questions please contact Pam Woodard 414‐963‐1423, or email [email protected].

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