LACCS: Overview and Registration

LACCS will engage participants in a systematic process of exploring character education and social-emotional learning, while engaging in an audit of current school data and practices and a process of design to fit the needs of their school. Some sessions will feature speakers and others will involve participants in hands-on workshops. Each school team will have an on-site consultation visit each semester. At the end of the program, participants will have developed a plan to infuse character education in their schools, as well as to maintain data on key indicators that can help them continue to refine their practice to develop both moral character and quality performance character for their learners.

Wisconsin Character Education Partnership (WCEP) continues to believe principals are essential to both effective character education programs and for successful schools. In order to do this, it is important to train and support these leaders.

To register for Leadership Advancing Character & Culture in Schools (LACCS) program, please complete and submit the application below. 

For more information and applications, contact:

Alverno College

3400 S. 43rd St.
P.O. Box 343922
Milwaukee, WI 53234-3922


In January 2010, the Alverno College Leadership Academy for Character Education (known as LACE) accepted its first cohort of school leaders.
The academy was a full year of training in character education and provided peer networking, participation in workshops given by national experts, and guided development of a character education plan.

In 2014, the new name: Leadership Advancing Character & Culture in Schools – LACCS (pronounced “laces”) was adopted. The new model moved to a team-based approach, building capacity and leadership at every level. Since its inception, LACE/LACCS has supported more than 130 public, private, and charter schools and education-related organizations to enhance understanding and implementation of character education.

The goal of LACCS: Leadership Advancing Character & Culture in Schools

The goal of LACCS is to help school leaders deepen their understanding of character education and to integrate character education into every aspect of the student’s school experience.

LACCS Vision

We envision a world where ALL students thrive and ALL communities flourish.

LACCS Mission

We are a student-centered leadership network that champions character education.

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