June 19th Character Education Pre-conference Workshops!

It’s Not Just the Kids

Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education Workshop June 19, 2019 

The Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education learning is customized and critical for school teams. Learn how to move the culture education initiative forward in your schools and identify major areas for planning and critical thinking in your leadership.
This training is beneficial for schools that are just getting started as well as for schools that are looking to enhance existing programs.  Optimal growth and planning result when school teams, including the building principal, work together throughout the day. 

How We Spark Award-Winning Culture June 19, 2019

Houston Kraft is a speaker, curriculum developer, and kindness advocate who has spoken at over 600 schools or events internationally. In this resource-PACKED session, learn how you can get students AND staff to focus on relationships, systematically build character and SEL skills, and develop your own award-winning culture. You will walk away with tons of follow up materials that keep the message alive and sustainable!

Wisconsin Character Education Partnership

We promote the intentional proactive effort by educators to instill in all Wisconsin’s students, core universal ethical values such as integrity, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and respect for themselves and for others through character education.

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