Eleven Principles

Why Eleven Principles

Character.org, a non-profit, non-sectarian national organization has developed eleven basic principles that can serve as criteria for schools to use in establishing character education programs.

The Eleven Principles provides a framework for establishing highly effective character education programs in schools. Understanding and using these principles helps schools: learn what character education is, how to identify a school environment that fosters character development in students, who must be involved in designing the character education program, and provides an evaluation component to assess a schools’ character education program.

Training is available to help you and your staffs develop a deeper understanding of these principles and learn how to implement them in your school or district. Character.org offers a one-day or two-day seminar on the Eleven Principles. This can be done for a school, a district, or in partnership with other districts. In addition, staff development can be customized for your needs. To see how WCEP will help sponsor the Eleven Principles training, see Eleven Principles Training. For customized training, please contact us.

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