Participant Comments

“The instructor was very informative and respectful of ideas”.
Anonymous – 06/20/2017

“I enjoyed the team/partner application time”.
Principal – 06/20/2017

“It was meaningful to have time dedicated to talking with my team and talking to other schools’ members”.
Anonymous – 06/20/2017

“I loved the balance between presentations and planning time”.
Anonymous 06/20/2017

“I took away good talking points for staff meetings”.
Anonymous 06/20/2017

“I enjoyed the time spent talking with our team about specific aspects of character ed”.
Anonymous 06/20/2017

“The group time was most meaningful to me”.
Anonymous 06/20/2017

“I found it helpful to process current strategies to see what we’re already doing”.
School Counselor – 06/20/2017

“I enjoyed talking through the different values with each other, we don’t get enough time as educators to talk to each other”.
Teacher – 10/07/16

“Understanding the essential aspects that’s supportive to students learning was helpful”.
Teacher – 10/07/16

“We are motivated to incorporate many of the tools and strategies that were shared”.
Administrator – 10/07/16

“It was helpful to understand each of the principles and its specific application to our school”.
Anonymous 6/18/16

“What am I presently doing and what can I do?”
Teacher 6/18/16

“I liked the balance of information and group activities”.
Education Consultant 6/18/1616

“The valuable tools and strategies have been helpful for me in my role as an educator”.
Teacher – 3/11/16

“The social emotional aspect was most meaningful to me”.
Teacher – 3/11/16

“I enjoyed learning to get everyone participating and allowing the children to lead”.
Teacher – 3/11/16

“I enjoyed the open dialogue with colleagues to gain insight from others perspectives”.
Teacher – 10-17-14

“I realized how important character and character building is to our youth”.
Police Officer – 10-17-14

I enjoyed watching the video to see how character education is embedded in schools”.
Social Worker – 10-17-14

“I enjoyed the group interactions and the sharing/examples”.
Teacher – 6/18/14

“This reinforces that our school is going in the right direction.”
Teacher – 6/18/14

“This seminar gave us time and focus to address strengths, weaknesses and strategies for strengthening our program”.
Teacher – 6/18/14

“At this training I enjoyed brainstorming the actions/behaviors of our students and revisiting our core values”.
Teacher – Ceria M. Travis Academy – 10/18/2013

“This training was one of the best in-service’s I have been to! I am in the process of designing our character program around the Eleven Principles. We are in phase 1 which is asking important questions: What do we value as teachers? What values should the school have”?
Teacher – Ceria M. Travis Academy – 10/18/2013

“Knowing that many of the character principles are already being implemented in my classroom and school. Validation”!
Teacher – Ceria M. Travis Academy – 10/18/2013

“The training provided overall structures to get started”!
– Teacher – Siren School District – 8/16/2012

“I thought doing the skit to illustrate how staff model the principles for students was very striking”.
Teacher – River Falls School District – 8/16/2012

“This training has given me valuable tools and strategies to take with me. The fastest way to teach is to model.”
– Teacher – Elmwood School District – 8/16/2012

“Great introductory information for a school trying to incorporate Character Education into their school”.
– Teacher – Capitol West Academy – 6/13/2011

“A great opportunity to meet with other educators to work out ideas about how to incorporate Character Education with everyday curriculum”.
– Teacher – Salam School – 6/13/2011

“This course is recommended if a school is just beginning to implement a Character Education program”.
– Teacher – Capitol West Academy – 6/13/2011

“This training reinforced the knowledge that I had already, but gave me confidence to continue in the pursuit of making Character Education happen in my school”.
– Anonymous – 6/13/2011

“Love this training! It makes perfect sense”.
– Teacher, Jefferson School District 6/13/2011

“It’s great training for those interested in getting character education a part of the school”.
-K5 Teacher, BEAM 3/14/2010

“This training was very helpful as well as motivational. It encouraged me to develop my own character and educational philosophy”.
-Sixth Grade Teacher, Young Leaders Academy 3/14/2010

“This training gave me a better understanding of why character education is such an important piece of the well being of a child”.
-Anonymous 3/14/2010

“The Wisconsin Character Education Partnership has designed a wonderful and informative workshop. I will definitely share what was taught with other staff members, students and partners”.
-Science Lab Instructor, Young Leaders Academy 3/14/2010

“Learning that this is really about creating a culture rather than discussing a topic was a profound insight”.
-Guidance Counselor, Seton Catholic Middle School 6/2009

“I felt like this was great information to get us going in the right direction”.
-School Counselor, Sauk Prairie Schools 6/2009

“For those of us just beginning this process, this workshop gave me the opportunity to reflect on where we are and what steps we should take in our “next steps”.
-Fontana Elementary School 6/2009

“Character education is critical in great schools. Teachers, students and community active involvement set the foundation for success”.
– Speech Language Pathologist, New Holstein 6/2009

“I am glad to see that character education is no longer viewed as an “addition” to the school curriculum but an essential building block instead”.
Waunakee Intermediate School 6/2009

“The Eleven Principles source-book is an excellent resource. It was meaningful to discuss character education with employees from other schools”.
– 4th Grade Teacher 6/23/2008

“The idea of identifying our school/community core values and using them to guide our program & character ed culture”.
– School Counselor 6/23/2008

“I used to pray that God would kiss my mind so knowledge could be written, but in his infinite wisdom he kissed my soul so that truth would be told. Thanks for not just writing about character education but telling the truth about the importance of it. We often know and feel the principles of character education but the institute gives us a voice to articulate and teach character education”.
– Site Director 6/23/2008

“I valued the activities and sharing with those at my table”.
– High School Math Teacher 6/23/2008

“This is essential information to have when working in a community”.
– Anonymous 6/23/2008

“This training was enlightening and inspirational. Now I am more aware of students’ needs for developing and improving their character”.
– Anonymous 2/12/2008

“This training really helped me to focus on what we need to do to start the process of assessing our needs at our school”.
– Elementary School 2/12/2008

“This is extremely relevant in the current state of our educational system in its potential ability to create respect and accountability”.
– Elementary School 2/12/2008

“I took this training as an interested parent and would recommend it to both parents and educators as this is a true partnership/community centered effort to bring effective character education into our schools”.
– Parent 2/12/2008

“This training was both informative and practical. The principles of character were both “taught” and “caught” as a culture to be infused with our everyday life, vocation and education”.
– Pastor, Leadership Academy 10/7/2007

“Eleven Principles training introduces the principles and allows for collaboration among teammates at the same time”.
– High School 10/7/2007

“The training recognizes the importance of social and emotional learning in order to develop well-rounded students”.
– High School 10/7/2007

“Worthwhile, fits with goals and protocols of many best practice schools of thought today, but refreshingly lets us design it to our school”.
– High School 10/7/2007

“The training is fundamental to school improvement”.
– High School 10/7/2007

“I think every school in Milwaukee should attend this institute for more awareness and knowledge on meeting the needs of faculty/students”.
– Anonymous 6/18/2007

“Make this a sectional at the AWSA or WASCD conferences in the near future”.
Anonymous 6/18/2007

“Important to come with a team in order to get the best impact”.
– Anonymous 6/18/2007

“This workshop can help you achieve your goals”!
– Anonymous 6/18/2007