Eleven Principles Training

School / Organizations Site Training

We believe staff development is an important component to implementing effective character education in our schools. To do this, we will help sponsor staff development opportunities in the Eleven Principles. This nationally recognized training in the framework for effective character education can be conducted in one or two-day sessions. The one-day institute can be offered for graduate level credit.

Currently, we are seeking schools / organizations who would like to host the one-day institute.

The opportunity to host the one-day institute means you can provide staff development for your staff (or a portion of your staff), while sharing the cost with other schools. As a host, WCEP will help sponsor this training.

A general outline for requirements of the host school are:

  • Agree to host an Eleven Principles Insititute (sign a contract).
  • Select a date for the training.
  • Advertise to your district, peers and area educators (can use standard flyer, or customize your own).
  • WCEP will post on their website to promote.
  • Agree to manage the registration process.
  • A host school should be able to provide a training space to accommodate approximately 64 educators, supply standard media equipment (power point, easel, tables), and provide lunch/access to a meal.
  • Guarantee that you can fill 25 seats at the training. If you can do this, we will guarantee that you will not lose money on the training.
  • For more information on the Eleven Principles and customized training for your school and staff, please contact Pamela Woodard at [email protected]

Regional Site for Staff Development

In addition to host schools, Wisconsin Character Education Partnership is seeking a regional training site to provide training in the Eleven Principles for educators in Wisconsin. This training will give Wisconsin educators the tools to develop comprehensive character education programs, and will also assist them in evaluating other character education programs, books and curriculum resources.