CYBER BULLYING: What you can do to prevent this behavior right now!

New poll finds that almost half of teenagers have been bullied online.

A new poll from the Tyler Clementi Foundation found that almost half of teenagers experience cyber bullying, and 53 percent said that their peers would be more likely to be cruel to them online than in person.
Chris Parrott’s June 15th pre-conference workshop titled, “SOCIAL MEDIA: Social, Neurological and Educational Implications,” will explore the research concerning the effects social media is having both on children’s brains and their behaviors.

Now that technology has become such a large part of teenagers’ lives, cyber bullying is an intensifying and immediate concern. It is more important than ever before that students learn and apply core ethical values every day. Parents, educators and WCEP hold the key to ending cyber bullying.

WCEP provides teachers and school leaders in Wisconsin with scholarships, tools and training to incorporate Character Education methods into school lessons every day. Find out how WCEP can help you today.

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