Values: They Are Not a Program

Character Education, just like a family, is a way of living, it’s not a one hour program once a week. It’s something that occurs all the time throughout the day through every part of every lesson, a way of being. To hear more CLICK HERE  Pass this on to others who care about school culture. […]

Idiota’s Guide to Inequality – Why there’s a need for better education

In the United States equal opportunity is now a mirage. We know some of the tools, including job incentives and better schools, that can reduce this opportunity gap. But the United States is one of the few advanced countries that spends less educating the average poor child than the average rich one. As an escalator […]

Shane Lopez on “Hope & Effectiveness”

Growing up in southern Louisiana with its oil fields, sugar cane and Tabasco plants, Shane Lopez didn’t see a lot of exciting career options. But he did have a hopeful person in his life, his older college-bound brother, Harry. Lopez followed his brother’s lead and went on to become a Gallup senior scientist and a […]

What I learned from baseball about making learning fun

…”How can we encourage kids in a difficult task like math without doing so in a way they’ll come to resent? I found an answer in something my 8-year-old son, C. J., likes even better than math: baseball. Baseball is a game. And math, for kids, is a game, too. Everything for them is a […]

The Delight of Being A Teacher / Administrator

This can be one of the great excitements of life–the surprise when you discover what you have become and realize that more is yet to come. Let your watchword be becoming! ~Robert K. Greenleaffrom the parable, Teacher As Servant Here is the door! LACCSLeadership Advancing Characterand Culture in Schools Kick-off dates August 6-7 More information and […]

Major Impact on Culture

TIME TO REGISTERLeadership Advancing Character and Culture in Schools (LACCS) 2014-15 Kick-off dates: August 6-7, 2014LACCS produces positive results in student behavior, social/emotional development, and academic performance. More information and applications can be found at the WCEP website! Please share with an educator in your community!

Recently, in the news…

RECENTLY, IN THE NEWS, these reporters understand how character education works. They deserve your feedback. Express your “comments” to the articles!

Inside the Cheater’s Mind

According to Stanford University, between 75 and 98 percent of college students surveyed each year report having cheated in high school. What does this spell for our future leaders and citizenry?  READ ON

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