Mission, Vision & Strategies


We promote the intentional proactive effort by educators to instill in all Wisconsin’s students core universal ethical values such as integrity, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and respect for themselves and for others through character education.


All Wisconsin students will demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions of core universal values through a self-sustaining culture encouraged and modeled by teachers and administrators.


Our goal is to ensure greatness to our posterity by raising the profile of goodness as our standard of public behavior and integrity as the touchstone of all social interactions.


  1. Work with businesses, education and community leaders to support the development of caring and responsible citizens.
  2. Promote and increase training opportunities for teachers and principals in Character Education and leadership.
  3. Provide recognition to schools that exhibit positive outcomes in the development and deployment of character education.
  4. Provide/secure financial and human resources to address strategies through partnerships, associations, communities and the legislature.

Developed 1/10/2010; Revised 2/18/2010, 10/22/2016