5 LESSONS YOU NEED TO KNOW from a Wisconsin State School of Character

Five important tips to achieve measurable results.

FIVE TIPS from a Wisconsin State School of Character that achieved results felt by students, staff and the community at large.

  1. Involve students in creating and implementing the lesson plans. It makes a world of difference.
  2. Attend LACCS training and find out how WCEP’s Leadership Advancing Character & Culture in Schools (LACCS) can be a game changer for your school.
  3. Seek the support of businesses in your area. They are willing and eager to lend their time, talent and resources to ensure your school’s success.
  4. Engage in professional development that will recharge and renew your staff while giving them practical new ways to connect with students.
  5. Build character in your students, and you’ll witness positive changes in your staff, parents and the entire community.

Read the entire story of how Brown Deer Middle School/High School Became a Wisconsin State School of Character. Click Here

WCEP provides teachers and school leaders with scholarships, tools and training to incorporate Character Education methods into school lessons every day.

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