State Schools of Character Program

WCEP is the sponsor for the State Schools of Character (SSOC) award program for Wisconsin. This award program, in partnership with, gives state schools recognition for their exemplary character education programs. Wisconsin is one of 30 states participating in the SSOC program. SSOC winners become eligible for the National Schools of Character (NSOC) recognition.

Beginning in 2011, the NSOC program will recognize all schools and districts that reach a standard of excellence. This move from competition to mastery is designed to inspire all schools and districts to pursue a path to excellence in character education. The Wisconsin State School of Character Award Program applauds the goal of all schools reaching a high standard of implementation of character education, and will recognize schools that have met the standard. The schools that meet this standard will serve as models for others in the state and be named State Schools of Character.

Wisconsin will select and recognize schools and districts that exemplify strong implementation of character education in their schools, based on the Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education in accordance with the NSOC guidelines. Schools and districts are evaluated according to’s Character Education Quality Standard A Self-Assessment Tool for Schools and Districts. To review this assessment tool, or learn more about the NOSC/SSOC application process, CLICK HERE.

All public and private k-12 schools and school districts are eligible to apply. will charge a $100 application fee. If any Wisconsin school finds this fee difficult to fund, WCEP will reimburse the application fee for Wisconsin applicants once verifies receipt of the application and we receive a request for reimbursement.

Benefits of participating in the SSOC program include

  • Guidance and feedback from trained evaluators in your character education program.
  • Opportunity to reflect and examine your character education program.
  • Schools and districts who reach the exemplar status (meet the standards) proceed to the national level for determination of exemplar status by a national level reviewers and a Blue Ribbon Panel.