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Former Packer Praises Character Education

CLICK HERE TO VIEW STORY – Written by Anna Krejci with Dells Events

The Process Needs Rethinking

Michelle Rhee’s approach attempting to move a school district that had been in disarray for years certainly had a Newtonian structured “command and control” approach. Effectively, the Washington D.C. Public Schools has for years been one of the major failing

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“Get Smart To Do Good” – from Ron Berger’s Presentation at LACE

“You cannot separate character and scholarship. There is a direct correlation.” — Ron Berger- 9:50 AM LACE 5-9-13 Expeditionary Learning – 142 schools across the country, no books. Projects, learning material in the contemporary society (magazines, papers, research). All these

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Trying hard makes you smarter – Carol Dweck, Mindset

“The issue here is, applaud the effort and children get smarter. As a result, they accomplish more and learn more, grades are not the objective. Effort applauded will get the academic results.” From 5-9-2013 LACE Session – Ron Berger MINDSET

School Climate: Missing Link in Principal Training?

If you missed it in Education Week,  here is the article – School Climate: Missing Link in Principal Training?

How Does the Culture of a School Affect Guns, Bullying, and Cheating?

A video will soon be released addressing this topic.